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Dalek bitch please


Second day of Supanova was insane! I've never had my photo taken so much!

The dresses came out pretty awesome, in the end! Mine was kind of crooked, but I can't sew for crap so I think in the end it was a win. XD

Photos removed by the request from one of my friends. They're all over the internet anyway if you want to see them.


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Very cute! Absolutely!
Thanks! :)
So awesome, words cannot capture.
Your icon frightens me greatly...cause its true.
You should post this to dw_cosplay. It's a fantastic costuming community, and they'd really appreciate the costume/costuming experience.
Ooh, I wasn't aware of them! Thanks for that, I may just have to crosspost :D
Adore them!
Th-that's like the cutest thing ever :
Thanks ^^
Very creative dresses!! Snape and Doctor Who?? I woulda died. :)
Ahh isn't that guy just the best snape, too? XD
Your outfits are adorable. I love that Snape didn't get it.
Basically the photographer asked Snape if he had a wand and he didn't! We had to give him a substitute. It's only good for avada kedavra, though.
... I think you've just created a new Internet fetish. ;)

As Daleks go, you all are superb!

Be careful, though, lest a naked Katy Manning start draping herself on you. ;)
Oh god, unintentional! I was inspired by cutesy pokemon gijinkas, nothing fetishtastic. XD;;

k... keep Katy Manning away D:

a bit surprised...and brava!

Those are great costumes...I am surprised the plunger and um...wand were in your hands though. (evil grin)
Adorable! I want a Dalek dress now. (^_^)
Cute idea and looks like you had alot of fun with it.
Noooo, save the TARDIS!

Those are great dresses, and I love that there was a group of you! The Snape picture made me laugh.
Well didn't I start a trend. My lovely Dalek Bumps
I didn't know what you meant so I clicked around your youtube page - MY BUMPS! MY GOD you are a genius, why didn't we think of that XD
... Marry me? :D
hey :) Adric here, otherwise known as Sam, or Lady President of the Gallifreyian Time Love Brigade.

It was awesome fun cosplaying and hanging out with you guys.

I <33 the photo with you guys kicking the Tardis XD

Oh if you want to join the brigade on LJ, go here timelovebrigade

Once I find a video of the skit we did I'll link it on the comm.
HEY! :D SO joined the love brigade. XD

Awesome times were had on sunday. :D I'm glad you have an LJ, it'd suck to lose touch!
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